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Educational Services

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We provide exceptional education to students in both public and private school settings with one-on-one supervision and academic, physical, emotional and behavioral support. Our services are built on strong relationships and our counselors are dedicated to helping the students we serve function and grow in the least restrictive educational environment.

Educational Services

Children are referred to us through their school’s exceptional education department. Our one-to-one behavior aides provide students with the continuous supervision and specialized support and care they need to grow and succeed.

Exceptional education students work with our counselors to meet academic and behavioral goals in adherence with the student’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and Behavioral Intervention Plan (BIP). All counselors work under the supervision of the student’s classroom teacher, so the student remains a healthy part of the academic community.

Together, they utilize strategies to assist the student in developing positive skills that increase their ability to problem solve, appropriately avoid and/or resolve conflict, and to cope with daily stressors. In addition, they collect daily data to chart the frequency and duration of behaviors in relation to the student’s behavioral goals.

This collaborative, personalized approach helps ensure students can thrive in the least restrictive setting.

Dominion Care offers a comprehensive approach to providing special education services throughout Richmond and the surrounding area. Our approach includes one-on-one support through the use of a well-developed and implemented Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and Behavioral Intervention Plan (BIP).

Children are referred to our special education services through their current school. We work closely with elementary through high schools throughout Chesterfield, Henrico and the greater Richmond area to provide counseling and support for students to develop lifelong skills to remain in their home school and make positive changes.

1:1 Transitional Services

The ultimate goal for students at a private day school is a return to public school as soon as they are ready in a positive and healthy manner. The transition back can be difficult, which is why Dominion Care is proud to offer 1:1 Transitional Services to ensure a smooth process.

Students previously placed in private day school programs for at least 6 months will be eligible to receive transitional services when returning to their public school setting. Dominion Care’s specialized support staff offers 1:1 care alongside a team approach, collaborating with the IEP team to develop and implement a plan of action.

Prior to the student leaving private day school, their 1:1 support staff member will be trained and briefed on IEP goals and objectives, transition plans and any other important information. All Dominion Care employees are fully vetted and have completed background checks and CPS screenings.

Our 1:1 Transitional Services are not one size fits all, so we offer flexibility of support duration based on the needs of the student and collect data to chart outcomes and ensure progress during the transition.

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